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Vinegar Strokes is home to a thriving, open community. Sexual expression and freedom are the focus, but we’re not a porn site. You won’t find any nudity here. We’re all about maintaining a safe and respectful environment where anyone can feel comfortable asking questions and sharing stories.  Our members are highly educated, well traveled.. They are global citizens who are influential entrepreneurs and creatives. Aged between 35 and 55, most of We Are Here’s readers have lived abroad. A mixture of expatriates and locals, they are cultural, they are thought leaders and passionate about the things they love. We Are Here readers are early adopters and ‘sharers’ — they will tell their social group about things they love, both in person and online, and they are listened to by their peer group.

To provide a high level of quality standard we offer advertorials through which you can promote your app or service or product to our members.  An advertorial is a highly effective way of getting your message across to potential customers. It allows you to tell the story of your business and have full control over the end product. You can tell people what you have to offer, how long you’ve been in business or why someone should deal with you…all in a format which makes it easy for potential customers to understand.  We make advertorials as easy as possible by providing you with professional writing services, photography as well as agency level design to ensure the end product is attractive and effective.

Our Weekly advertorials are the best way to promote your product or service to our audience. These sponsorships are exclusive — we only choose one sponsor a week. Vinegar Strokes has a readership of close to half-a-million page views, over 330,000 members and over 20,000 followers via Twitter.

When you book a weekly advertorial, you get:

  • A professionally written and photo edited article.
  • Week One – Published on our main page of the website and made available via RSS and published to our social media channels.
  • Week Two – Your advertorial will move to our side bar of our inner pages
  • Week Five – Article will be archived and accessible through search engines, keyword searches and our archive sections of our site.
  • Week Twelve – Article will be removed from site

If you’re interested, kindly contact us using our Contact Form and selecting Advertise from the drop down.