All Lubed Out

Fantastic sex and a few months does not a relationship make You say he's sweet, but there's nothing about passion ...

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WHAT?? Husband watching porn? Really???

Question - I am a 30 year old woman and I have been married for four years My husband and ...

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How NOT to Deflower a Virgin

I started seeing this girl with the potential that we’d become Dom and sub We went on a few dates, ...

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Whatever happened too communication?

First off kudos on being so open about each other sexuality in a good relationship absolutely nothing should go unsaid ...

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Peach Beach

“This is Sophia,” she breathed into the phone What Do I say “If you’re feeling up to it, I’d like to ...

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No means keeping trying until she finally gives in!!…right??

Question: I started seeing this girl with the potential that we’d become Dom and sub We went on a few dates, ...

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DO Try This At Home: Anal Sex

People have been doing it since the beginning of time, but only recently has anal sex enjoyed such mainstream acceptance ...

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Dirary of a dirty wife
Diary of a dirty wife

A few months ago, I was cleaning up our master bedroom to surprise my wife when she got back from ...

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The Friendly Skies

Chris arrived at the airport late, leaving twenty minutes to get checked in, go through security, and find his gate ...

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Happy Endings

“You really need to go get that looked at” Chrissy is my secretary - well, the politically correct term is “admin ...

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Speed Dating

A few years after my first divorce, a buddy of mine begged me to go to one of those speed ...

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The Audition

A few months after my divorce, I knew I wasn’t ready to start dating, but a casual hookup could help ...

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relationship sex advice
My Wife’s Fantasy

I came home from work last week, kissed my wife, pet my dogs, and grabbed the tablet to head to ...

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Vinegar Strokes
Vinegar Strokes Hot tub Party

Rob and I were in the third stage of life at the same time: post-divorce and dumb enough to enjoy ...

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God is Watching
God Is Watching, So Don’t Stop

In an early episode of Sex and the City, Miranda was dating this Catholic guy with a very unusual habit ...

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