Daydreams of Thick Arms

God just take me
Just get me fucking out of here
Grab me with your tattooed arm and your blissfully ignorant smile
the one that makes me forget something bad might happen
Take me to the abandoned buildings Greg and Jared are always going to
with the dirt under your nails and the corse way you talk
Take me to a field full of rubble and despair and
Take me there
Have me there
Don’t you want me?
Fuck me there
in a place that not another goddamn soul resides
You know a place
Oh baby I know you know a place isn’t that what you’re good for?
Fill my body up with grass stains and the smell of rain
Use the energy of the infinitesimal amount of bugs crawling in that deserted place
to make me writhe and sweat in the mud
bruise me with those arm, i know you can
Just take me the fuck away

* * *

Take me to the place
where the night turns smokey
and i’m not quite sure what’s going to happen cause you’ve surrounded me with my strangers
with your arm around me
burning me
take me to the place
where the smoke of the cigarettes killing your breath circles the stars
and the absence of light and certainty
make my heart race
and your arm around me makes me heart race
take me to the place
where fear is the hottest thing i can feel
hot like this town baby
’cause its all yours
‘cause you’ve got the smoke
wrapped around your arms
and coming out of the teeth of your perfect smile
like a cheshire cat
take me to the place
where for the night we rule with smoke
suck it into our lungs and spit it at the stars
cause we are as hot as this town baby
burn me baby
make my heart race cause who knows whats gonna happen
burn me
make me scared
make me scared cause you’re the kind of people i would avoid on the sidewalk
burn me
howl and yip and put your arm around me
put that smile around me
put that smoke around me
cause i just want to feel like i’m the dangerous one tonight

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