Dying to be Daddy

Dying to be a Daddy

My wife and I want to have a baby. We’ve been trying and trying, but so far, she’s not getting pregnant. A friend told me that there are some pills that are supposed to increase the amount of sperm I make. Would that help?


Well, in theory, those pills could help…if the problem is you’re not producing enough sperm. And assuming those pills will actually work. (I’m familiar with a couple brands of these pills, and they’re not designed to treat fertility issues. They’re designed to help you make a bigger mess and have a stronger orgasm.)

The problem is, there are so, so many potential reasons why your wife isn’t pregnant yet.

Your best bet is to talk to your doctor. And your wife should talk to her gynecologist. It could be you’re not producing enough sperm. It could be you’re producing enough sperm, but they’re not strong swimmers. Your wife might be producing less-than-stellar eggs (unfortunately, as us ladies age, the quality of our eggs goes down, making pregnancy harder and also increasing the risk of genetic abnormalities, or she may have had this problem all her life and not known it.) If your wife was previously on birth control, especially a hormonal one, it could take months for her body to get back to its normal, fertile self. There might be something hormonal going on. Maybe you’re just not having sex at the right time of her cycle. And that’s just the stuff that I can think of off the top of my head.

So both of you should make appointments with your doctors (I know, it sucks to admit to your doctor that you might be having problems with your penis, but that’s the best way to get answers.) Your doctors may refer you to a fertility specialist.

Until you see your doctors, you two can keep track of a few things. Your wife should track her menstrual cycle if she’s not already. And track how often you have sex. Bring that information to your doctor.

Fertility treatments are expensive, I know. But let’s say the problem does lie with you, and it’s that your swimmers aren’t, well, swimming. You can take all the pills you want, but they won’t do any good.

Good luck, you two.


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