First Time Through the Back Door

Brunch with friends is always a fun time. A little sweetness, a little savory and just the right amount of bubbly to put us in a fun mood for the rest of the day. Except fun isn’t in the plan. As Dave drives us home to an afternoon of potential laundry, mopping and cleaning, my mind starts to drift to other, better activities for a hot Sunday afternoon.

Our route home takes us right by Happy Endings–our favorite sex shop. I give Dave the wink and he immediately knows we should pull in. Once inside, we revel in the wide variety toys and devices. Usually we take our time, looking around together, commenting, giggling and fairly frequently, purchasing. This time, however, I’m on a mission with just one product in mind. Dave doesn’t even notice I have left his side, he’s so entranced by the store’s porn collection. Before he knows it, I’ve paid for my loot, hook him by the elbow and guide him back to the car.

For the rest of the ride home, he teases and asks me what I bought. For now, my lips are sealed.

By the time arrive, the chores are forgotten. I take my package to the bedroom and then head to the bathroom, turning on the water of our claw foot tub. Climbing in, the heat prickles my tender feet and legs. It is practically a sting when it reaches my tender bum.

I call for him, and he smiles when he sees my naked curves in the bath. I don’t even have to ask, he slowly strips off his clothes to join me. This tub is my favorite part of our whole house–it fits both of us and has been the site of some of our steamiest times.

Once he is settled in, I turn and nestle my back into his chest. His body, his muscles always feel so good against my skin. He envelopes me in his arms, strong hands settling on my belly, lips finding my neck. His kisses send shivers down my spine, spreading wonderful sensations all through my body. If I weren’t already warm from the bath, I’d be hot from his touch.

Those strong hands don’t stay still for long. As Dave’s left hand moved up to cup my breast, his other moved south, fingers resting on my lap, thumb twirling my soft hair.

I could stay here all day as his touches become more urgent. His fingers squeeze my nipple and grip my breast with just the right firmness while his other hand parts my thighs and that thumb now strums my increasingly excited clit. Behind me I can feel his penis pressing firmly against me.

But this isn’t what I want today. We have previously discussed a mutual fantasy, one neither of us have tried before. So I turn around, grab a bar of soap and hand it to Dave. He soaps up those strong hands and spreads the silky foam all over my body. Leaning forward, I whisper in his ear “Would you like to try my ass today, baby?”

His hands stop, but I feel his cock twitch against my leg. He looks at me, kisses my lips and asks if I’m sure. I smile, kiss him back and guide his hand between my thighs. I let him linger at my pussy a moment, but to cement my desire, I then lead him further back to my virgin ass.

The moment his finger touches my sensitive ring we both gasp in pleasure. Slowly, gently, his soapy finger explores between my cheeks. I cannot believe I’ve waited so long to experience this amazing touch! So, so good!

Dave is breathing heavy and he gasps again when I wrap my fingers around his straining dick, I stroke him slowly knowing he’s already on the edge. As he touches me and I finger his penis, we lock eyes in an intensely passionate moment. After one more kiss, I reluctantly pull away and climb out of the tub.

Dave and his rock hard cock follow me into the bedroom. Our hands and mouths attack each other, devouring and tasting. I turn my back to him again and let his hands roam over me while enjoying his firm dick nestled against my bum.

Pulling away again, I crawl onto the bed on my hands and knees, presenting the object of our desire to him. Without missing a beat, Dave comes to me, kissing my legs, back, hips and cheeks. I know I towelled off after the bath, but you’d never know that from how wet my cunt is. We’ve both talked about and gotten very hot over the idea of Dave fucking my ass. And while my own masturbatory exploration has been sexy and fun, Dave’s touch is taking me and this fantasy to a whole new level.

The funny thing is, while I’ve been lost in delicious sensation, he’s moved his tender lips and tongue closer and closer to my needy ass. He gently flicks his moist tongue all around my cheeks, crack and ass. But the instant he makes contact with my unexplored treasure, I moan loud and long. The sensation is unbelievable! His tongue is like magic on my tender spot, filling me with new erotic awesomeness.

As Dave works wonders on my ass, I reach back and slip two fingers into my dripping pussy. Oh my gawd, the dual sensation is unreal! It only takes a few tight circles of my clit, with Dave now licking feverishly at my ass before I cum so hard I scream out loud! Wave after wave of pleasure bounces through my cunt and lands right in my ass. Poor Dave can barely keep his face near me from all of the bucking and thrashing through my amazing orgasm.

He takes a break and slides his body up beside me, stroking my back. I can feel his rigid dick poking against my leg as I reach over to the end table. As I pull the bottle of lube from the bag, Dave gives a good laugh. He admits to not expecting this at all—which may have heightened his arousal that much more. I laugh, give him a deep kiss and instruct him to lay on his back.

Once he’s in place, I straddle his tight body with my ass directed to his face. With one squirt, I coat my hand in lube. Grabbing his hand, I fill that one with lube as well. He doesn’t need much more leading after that as I feel the cool liquid and his fingers make contact with my anxious butthole. He coats all of my ass in the slick concoction, getting me wet in an entirely different way. Just to be sure, he asks for another dollop. And with that, he begins slowly massaging his new toy.

While Dave begins to explore my ass, I turn my attention to his beefy cock. It is practically screaming for attention as I run one lubed finger up and down the underside. With each pass I add more grease to his pole until, finally, I take the whole thing in my slippery hand. At the same time, he’s pried my asshole open just enough to get his fingertip into my tight spot.

We both gasp at the stunning sensation. His is pure pleasure, mine is a combination of joy and a little bit of discomfort. He knows enough to hold still and let me get used to the new feelings. When I begin to stroke his cock again, I give him the okay to proceed with his pleasuring penetration.

I am somewhat surprised that that was the extent of my discomfort. Once I am over the initial surprise of having something in my ass, I immediate get into the groove of the great feelings it brings. Dave’s cock throbs in my hand as I take the initiative to guide my virgin bum back onto his. He is quite happy to let me lead this play!

When I feel my ass reach his hand, I realize his entire finger is inside me and it feels fantastic! I’ve taken it all in and now I just want to fuck. I rock my hips back and forth on his hand, a little harder each time. Dave is doing all he can to not cum here and now, so I easy my stroking. Things are going so well, so hot right now, I don’t want to take the chance of losing this opportunity. Right now, all I can think about is Dave’s cock in my ass.

Slowly I ease myself off Dave’s finger and let go of his dick. Expertly, I slide myself until we are face to face, my ass hovering just an inch above his penis. He quivers below me in anticipation as I reach back and guide his cock to my willing bum. Slowly, with a fair bit of teasing, I slide his head across my little pucker. Just to be safe, I stop, reach back and pour some more lube over us. Now we’re all slick, he’s hard and I need him inside me.

Settling in, I position him right on the edge of my ass. The tip of his head tickles me and I have to resist the temptation to slide right down on him. I know I’m not ready for that so instead I let him enter me just a bit. That feeling of discomfort returns, and increases slightly as I force him inside. As he expands my body, I remain relaxed, but at the same time, I brace for the full girth of him. And we’re approaching it as his mushroom cap is almost all the way inside me. With one little push, he is there! The whole head of his cock is in my hot ass.

I take a moment, lean down to kiss him and let my body adjust to the newness of anal sex. I feel so full, so stretched and as the discomfort dies away…so damn good. His penis inside me is electric and now I want more.

Still exerting some kind of patience, I manage to slowly ease my way down his shaft. Inch by inch I take him inside me and I’m loving every second of it. My hands grip his chest and his face says everything my body is saying. This is amazing!

Once I reach his pelvis, I settle in and give his cock a little twirl. My tight ass is driving him absolutely crazy. I can tell he,s on the brink of cumming—and so am I. Now that I feel comfortable, I glide myself back up his length and then slam down a little harder. A few of these thrusts has us both moaning and rocking our heads. His hands hold my hips tight as I build a steady fucking pace.

I know he won’t hold out much longer, so I take one of his hands from my hip and just place it near my pussy. He just manages to get his thumb on my clit and that is it. One touch, combined with the sexy hot feelings of him fucking my ass send me over the moon in ecstasy. It is like a rocket going off in my body, fireworks spreading through all of my parts—especially my ass. I squeeze Dave so tight he too shoots for the stars with a massive orgasm. His head bounces on the pillow as he fills my bum with cum.

Through much panting and gasping, Dave takes me in his arms and pulls me close, his cock still deep inside me. We kiss passionately, unable to get enough of each other’s lips. While taking a break to catch our breath, his penis slips out of my anus with a little popping sound. We both crack up laughing as I roll over to relax on my back.

Like the great lover he is, Dave checks on me, asks what I thought about this anal sex adventure and caresses me all over. I assure him it was all amazing and that I am more than happy. Even though it is afternoon, we embrace and drift off in a nap.

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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