The joy of text

There’s no self-help manual with that title, for obvious reasons. So point one, rule one, count one – never say anything important by text (I don’t care how cool and down with the kids textspeak may be). Use your minutes wisely.
Now, I’ve never been on an oil rig, but I imagine it’s a bit like a prison (with better food hopefully). As in prison, sometimes situational heterosexuality arises, and people have sex together.
Maybe they would elsewhere, and maybe they wouldn’t.
It sounds like it was quite fun and intense. And he sounds like a typical bloke, breaking up and then wanting you back.
Question really is – do you want him back that much?
And you need to ask him what he was working out and if he gives you a convincing answer to that, ask if he has worked it out (after all, it could be something as simple as what colour to paint his bedroom, or a complicated maths problem).
Bottom line here is – it was fun. Do you want more fun, and maybe more beyond that, or was that it? Either way, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it all.

Sex Appeal
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