Never Have I Ever… Part II: Oral Instructions

What started as a relaxing night with a bunch of friends, enjoying good food and great drink, ended up as one of the most memorable nights ever.

After spending the day at the beach, our crew went back to my place for dinner and drinks, and eventually started up a game of “Never have I ever…” – a drinking game that’s a great way to learn more about your friends and future lovers. The rules are pretty simple: one person makes a statement about something they’ve never done, and if you’ve done it, you take a drink. If you think you might have a freaky friend you definitely need to play this game. Getting pleasantly buzzed isn’t the only benefit.

First, let me tell you about the crew: Kimmy is my occasional friend-with-benefits. We’ve been hooking up for most of the summer, nothing serious, but she’s one of the most adventurous lovers I’ve ever had. She’s blonde, curvy, and gorgeous, with a wicked sense of humor. She brought her younger cousin, Chrissy, another sun-worshipping beach bunny. It was hilarious watching the guys at the beach today, tripping over each other to get a glance at these two hotties. And the girls were teasing the shit out of the boys – casually doing a few yoga poses, sensually putting lotion on each other, and doing whatever they could to ensure the boys on the beach were entertained.

Tanya and Rachel look like they could be sisters, both having long dark hair, a sweet chocolate complexion, and incredible curves. Tanya has a sweet bubble butt that could make Buddha cry, and Rachel has an amazing set of knockers – we haven’t had a party yet where at least one person hasn’t been motor-boating her – men and women.

Lorraine is one of those girls who hides her sexuality a little too well. Even though we were at the beach, she was covered from chin to shin with a baggy t-shirt and capris. She doesn’t wear makeup – none of the girls wear much, especially when we’re at the beach, but Lorraine doesn’t wear any, ever. She’s witty and fun, and we love having her with us, but I don’t think anyone has hooked up with her before. I had no idea that tonight was the night we’d learn she’s a bit of a freak – in a good way.

Crystal was a new addition to the group. She was in town to visit Ken’s sister and he was being a good guy by keeping her busy while his sister was at work. It was obvious there wasn’t much of a connection between the two, but she fit in with the group nicely. She was tall and athletic, and schooled us all at beach volleyball. She had a great sense of humor and the most amazing laugh, and we were all pretty happy she came back to join us for our after-beach party.

Ken was our in-house bartender and he did a great job of making sure the drinks were strong and glasses were full. He’s about my age and we’ve been hanging together since we met in college. Ricky and Bill are pretty good guys, and good additions to the party. We’ve got a great group – no drama, no problems.

Back to the game.

We were getting pretty buzzed and having lots of laughs. We’d heard about Ricky’s success in joining the mile-high club, and then Crystal and Rachel took the game to the next level by sharing a steaming hot quick make out session.

It was Crystal’s turn, and she shared, “Never have I ever…finished a blowjob.”

Chrissy, Tanya, Rachel, and Kimmy all took a drink, and we all looked at Ricky – who raised his glass and took a drink. If my cock were as big as his, I’d suck it, too.

“Wait, what? Neither of you have ever finished off a guy?” Kimmy asked, looking at Crystal and Lorraine.

“I’ve certainly tried, a bunch of times, but never managed to, uhm..get them to finish. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?” said Crystal.

“I’ve only given one BJ,” said Lorraine, “I liked it, and he seemed to, too, but we only did it for a minute or so before…moving on.”

“Well, shit, we can’t have that. Every woman should know how to finish a guy off with her mouth. That’s where diamonds come from,” said Kimmy. “Let’s have a look at your technique. Ricky – you willing to help the ladies out?”

Kimmy took Crystal and Rachel by the hand and led them to where Ricky was sitting. “Ok Ricky, unleash the beast.”

He pulled off his shirt, revealing his muscled chest and toned abs, and stood up to take off his shorts. Even at half-mast he was bigger than most guys. There was a round of applause from the room, and then Kimmy pushed him back down into his chair. “Crystal, you start. Show us how you do it.”

Crystal was blushing, but she knelt in front of Ricky, gave him a big smile, and then took him into her mouth. She focused on his knob, bobbing her head up and down quickly. After a minute or two of that, Ricky had grown to his full size of nearly ten inches long and almost as thick as a pop can. Crystal was straining to accommodate his girth, but her technique left a lot to be desired. He gave her a polite tap on the shoulders, and she pulled away, giving him a bashful smile as she stood up. Kimmy didn’t say anything as she guided Lorraine towards Ricky.

Lorraine attacked Ricky’s massive member, taking him deep into her mouth and teasing his thick shaft with her tongue. Her hands were on the arms of the chair, and she kept sucking and licking his shaft, moving her head up and down slightly, but while she seemed eager to perform, she needed some help with her technique. Ricky let her continue for a few minutes, and then she got the tap to stop.

“Mmk, ladies – lesson time. Watch and learn.” said Kimmy. She knelt in front of Ricky, taking him deep into her mouth, drooling around his thick shaft while stroking him with both hands. Ricky gave a moan of pleasure and Kimmy slid him out of her mouth.

“Crystal – you were focused on the tip, which is super-sensitive, but you’ve gotta make sure you worship the whole area. Lots of saliva is good, so get it as sloppy as you can. Stroke the shaft to move things along quickly, and don’t forget the balls. Guys love it when you give them special attention.

Now, Ricky’s a unique..uh..member. He’s too big to take all the way into your throat, unless you’ve got no gag reflex at all, and even then, you can’t do it from this position. Maybe stretched out on a bed or something, but this angle is all wrong and he’s so frigging big. But he doesn’t mind performing for a crowd, so he’s easy to demonstrate with.”

And with that, Kimmy went back to work, sucking and bobbing, licking and drooling. She took his balls in her hand, carefully massaging them as she showed the girls how to do it. As she sucked, she moaned and cooed, her voice muffled but she was clearly enjoying him. I’ve been on the receiving end of that talented mouth, so I knew exactly how Ricky was feeling.

The rest of the room was dead quiet. Tents were pitched and breathing was heavy, but we were all focused on the lesson.

After another few minutes, Kimmy let Ricky slide out of her mouth again, and she pointed to Crystal to take her place.

Crystal wiggled forward and opened wide to take him in, and this time she took him deeper into her mouth, gulping him down as he stretched out her throat. She took him in as far as she could, but there was no way she could get it all the way in. She caressed his shaft with her hands, stroking him quickly and then pulling back so she could tease his head with her tongue.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” he said.

Crystal moved in again, stroking him faster and playing with his nuts. Soon he was moaning, and then warned her that he was close to cumming. That just made her go faster, and he moved his hands down to her chest, lightly stroking her erect nipples against the fabric of her t-shirt. They were both moaning, and I’m pretty sure all of us were about ready to cum when Ricky finally tensed up and began to shoot his load into Crystal’s mouth. Her eyes got really big as he came, the thick ropes shooting right down her throat, but she hung on like a champ, sucking and stroking until he finally stopped pulsing. A few seconds later, she pulled away and licked her lips, catching the last of him before it ran down her chin. She reached for her glass, and said, “Never have I ever…given a blowjob for an audience,” then gulped down the rest of her drink.

Kimmy, Lorraine, and Chrissy both took a drink, and the rest of us sighed in pleasure.

“Well that’s not fair – I still haven’t had a guy cum in my mouth,” pouted Lorraine. She looked at Bill and licked her lips as she said, “hmm, maybe you can help a girl out?”

The sexual tension in the room was through the roof, and the night was just getting started.

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