Peach Beach

“This is Sophia,” she breathed into the phone.
What. Do I say. “If you’re feeling up to it, I’d like to hike with you.”
Sophia smiled.
They met at the top of a canyon that was peppered with cypress and palms. Sophia recognized Luke by his dark, curly hair. Despite scheduling the hike after peak sun hours, the day’s lagging heat made his shorts cling to his thighs. Her dark honey skin made his chest pound. Their meeting in the bar was brief, but he couldn’t wait longer than a day to experience more of her.
They trekked further along the canyon, down across a patch of sand dunes, until they reached the ocean. A skinny dip was in order to wipe the heat from memory, Sophia suggested. Luke agreed, flushed with excitement and disbelief at the scene. They spotted a circle of inviting black boulders and set up camp. Sophia kicked off her shoes and removed her day pack. A neon rose gold sun was setting.
Luke watched unrepentantly as Sophia gave her track jacket a slow, autopsic unzipping. The newly splayed lapels revealed her clavicles and sanguine shoulders, breast vale, and the base of her poetically symmetrical, heaving ribcage. She pulled down her shorts, showing off her pink low-rise panties. He silently rejoiced his ability to see as she undressed, focusing his power of sight along the length of her dark saturnine abdomen, navel centerpiece, and finally, her pubic bone. Never had resemblance to a fruit pleaded such thirst. Sophia’s nostrils flared as she inhaled, letting a dose oxygen unite with her blood, surging toward her groin. Come closer.
Luke unlatched his eyes from her body to her eyes, fumbling to unzip and show his gamic shoulders and arms. Sophia advanced and ran her hands down his face, feeling the lines of prickly demarcation on his cheeks.
He grabbed her hands, kissed them, then lowered her panties to her ankles. She stepped out. His hands found her backside dimples– sweet lacunas for the pads of his fingertips to glide across. She let his hands garter around where her bronzed legs began and push them apart. He watched with closed eyes as she grasped the boulder behind and guided her pussy to his smile, swinging her hip bones softly like hammer heads. He stroked the tendons that bookended her vulva, then her soft labia, sick with delight as he unfurled his tongue to tease.
His breath felt warm. Sophia moaned softly and shivered as the tip of his tongue lightly stroked her clit, and watched his jawline move to an alternating cadence of licking and kissing. He opened his eyes to see her reaction, her glowing oceania warming him. She tasted like peach cider; there was no such think as tasting her enough.
Sophia could tell he loved eating her, and wanted to make him perform more. She pushed him back, onto his knees, then stood up and swayed up to his face, legs open. He scaled the length of her pussy with his tongue and she gasped.
“Don’t stop,” she said. His hands traced her curves, feeling little grains of sand that stuck to her back as he graciously continued licking and sucking her engorged clit. In an instant, she jumped off her cliff of consciousness into a bright chasm of orgasm, waves crashing sharply and fluidly as she looked down at Luke’s body. After the swells receded he peeked through her legs, placed her weeping pussy on his face, and lightly bit her ass cheek.
Luke lifted himself with sandy knees and touched his torso to hers, pressing her against the rock again. He nearly came watching her vagina pulse, but calmed his waves and entered slowly, sensitive to the slip. They began to slowly fuck and kiss. Electricity vaulted to Sophia’s face and fingers. She moved her hands closer to the source, feeling his juice-coated shaft from base to glans with every stroke.
Sophia smiled when he withdrew, watching him climb up and place his tip in her mouth. She closed her eyes and tasted, then grabbed his ass with both hands to pull him deep inside. He moaned as he felt her throat tighten, then brought a hand to her face to feel the muscles around her mouth work. He was so close to coming. She took his balls in her hands, and took him over the edge with her hands and throat and lips. Luke slowed, shook, and spurt his warm gel. Sophia let it fill her mouth to taste before he felt her swallow.
The couple walked into the water until halfway submerged. They looked at each other’s burnished faces, panting, smiling, satisfied.
When can I see you again.

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