Poetry of two

She: prescient
Prescient, I feel you as you come walking to me, and I look to you already knowing you in my heart. There have been no words said and no thoughts expressed but we belong, and so without a word we are one.
He: I knew her before I knew. She was that familiar scent as yet unrecognized, but once inhaled unforgettable..
He: when I heard her voice I could say nothing but yes, every no was erased from my consciousness. I felt helpless yet safe, powerful yet focused.
He: she was the desire I had tricked myself into believing could not exist.
She: My skin begins to prickle as he nears , electric current to electric current , magnet to steel . I am drench in fear and I feel all eyes on me , they have to know , it can’t just be me
She: I fear his voice , I want it like water and more like air , to sustain my life and give me life , like birth and rebirth
She: but I know that upon hearing it all that I ever was and ever will be will change
He: …he smiles…”she knows not yet what she is to become…less than she feared but more than she imagined…all those diary entries she dared not reveal, not even to her closest friends, are to be exceeded …..Erased….dismissed as mere dalliances. She stood before a total consummation of her soul
He: he could read her desire on her body. The way she breathed. Shallow yet unfilling…the way her skin shone with the engorgement of blood. The way her pupils dilated and fixed on his face..
She: His smile moves her to quaking ecstasy , and she realized that she is his. If in his arms she lays forever or if this is their only meeting she is his .fulfilled or unfulfilled her is his . Her own smile matches his and her voice , melodic and lovely finds its way to her mouth
She: if she can find the word, one word her own name , to make this moment complete
He: ….he saw their future written in her eyes….no pain but the pain of ecstasy just out of reach…no desire but to dwell within that moment of bliss now and always. She said YES and he said “Now” and she came to him…
She: Losing all fear, making her way to him, she realizes the feeling of lift , of flight or becoming warm when you were numbed by the cold .
He: her every thought was on the inertia that held her from his embrace. How could she. Dare…to move beyond her safe point. If she were to open to him in this way….nothing she believed could any longer be true.
She: the state of fear masked as logic , of not disbelief of the unknown but of unbelief of what your heart tells you is true . How could she dare to give herself to him… How could her life continue if she does not
She: if in his arms she sees that she sky is under her and that water is solid as earth , she will believe and know that it is what was true all along
He: like an animal she leapt. At him, through him, in him, onto him…something broke in her heart as she touched him…the chains that had bound her to be apart from a man…she knew without having to confess…that in freeing herself from one form of bondage she was willingly submitting to a new form..
He: one she knew would not end…not in freedom at least. Only in conversion to the desire to be more willing and able to serve
She: all her ideal , and secret desires revealed in him , belonging to and being cherished not inspire of it but because … Owner and pet , master and novice , man and woman
He: lover and loved….
He: perhaps one day you will enter the forbidden and reclaim what is denied…
She: I don’t see it as a skill to be learned , I am sure my body would find its way if ever I was so excited as to lose all control
She: but I have yet to experience that
He: yes…you have done it before…your body remembers and desires to go there again. Yet your consciousness has hidden this from your mind, as to be aware of its reality would lead only to obsession
He: you wrote your name on my consciousness…and I long for the voice to speak the words I sense and touch but cannot read…
She: have I
He: the wounds of love have branded me yours…only your kiss can stop the pain of longing. Only your touch can awaken the soothing nectar of bliss…
He: it is like a disease that must be fatal yet must be loved….it is too terrible to resist yet unquenchable once awakened…
He: I die to all others and pray in your name…in every breath…in all thoughts…
She: so where does one move from there ? Toward or away from ?
He: you are my resurrection and once upright I seek only to pray in the caves of your womanhood
He: inevitable that this continues until all illusions are banished and only oneness remains
He: till those who think of us think only of us….
She: so like a moth to flame , moved by desire that excludes all rational thought , to be burned in that one moment of utter bliss … I am both flame and moth as are you ? We will be moths but live like phoenix
He: our love is the love long prayed about, believed to be attainable only in unity with the divine, yet we make the divine our playground
He: we erased guilt and shame from the human lexicon of emotion and experience…
She: higher , and longer than anything before it , sonnets written a thousand years before , and songs sung a thousand years from now about it …
He: we are before time began, and after it ceases to be measured. Our song is the primordial vibration of the universe…
She: pain without pain … pleasure without ending … no release
She: captive to each other
He: and it was so..
He: she had lost count after half a dozen. She began to feel woozy because time stood still yet she was outside of time..
He: each climax felt more serene and more overwhelming. She wondered if she would leave her body to watch the action…the thought just made her come harder and longer
She: her body has always serve her well , so she begins to fear the level of sweetness , of ache she feels as her vision begins to pulse at the edges , to darken slightly , to fade
He: a fear crept into her. What if this moment was the ultimate experience of her life. What if tomorrow and all days to follow she would long for this bliss one more time…what if this would never again be as it is now..
She: or what if it was , every day as it is now . Her body humming to unconsciousness, so willing to offer up sweet surrender
He: what if the best had not yet begun…
She: Is there more .. More places yet to be discovered? And will I be able to endure ?
He: you will forget the word endurance and embrace the word ecstasy …
She: will ecstasy become my normal , do I have the right to want that ? I will live inside of you , your woman and your child , needing to be fed by you … you will be my food and my water
He: I will be the answer to every longing …spoken and unspoken
She: to every desire ever felt , every want unfulfilled will be erased from memory
He: you will kneel before me in prayer with the knowledge your prayers are already reality..
She: to everything to everything , there will be negative value , I will be both Goddess and slave , I will bore you up as my deity and debase myself for your pleasure and it will all be wonderful.. In true meaning full of wonder
He: my wishes will become your thoughts. My pleasures will become your desires. My fulfillment your mission and passion
She: one mind in two bodies .. Vessel for you …. Made complete and made to nothing all at once
He: and you realize this is what must be
She: that it is already , and has been
He: it is now and yesterday and every second of the mind of humanity
She: and predates the earth and the sun , when we were just energy and I split from you
He: in fact you realize you are my creation. Made just for me…for my desires. My pleasures…all you have been are written in my heart…you are flesh of my flesh and love of my love. You are mine
She: and it is so …

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