I would be weirded out too – you don’t want to feel like a porn star is captivating your husband more than you are. But, this is what you need to express to him! He won’t know that it’s bothering you until you tell him it is. Maybe one night this week, after a glass of wine, you’re unwinding in bed, reading before you turn off your lamps and go to sleep, you can turn to him and say, Can I ask you about the porn you’ve been watching? If you two are comfortable talking about things like this, then he should respond positively

Sometimes things seem unnatural to us because we don’t understand them – take the time to ask your husband about why the sudden interest in porn. It’s important that you don’t make him feel ashamed in any way – this will only lead to dissatisfaction and resentment for the both of you and who needs more things to argue about?
You can ask him if anything has changed in your sex life that made him want to watch more porn? and What about porn makes sex with you more enjoyable?
(I think we all know what about it makes sex alone more enjoyable amiright?)

So he’s responded, you’ve satisfied all of your curiosity, and you’ve made it a safe place for him to express himself. Now it’s time for you to express *yourself*
This is important – let him know its been bothering you! He can’t read your mind and you don’t want to hold it in any longer. Tell him how it makes you feel. You deserve to be heard and taken into account.

Alright, now everyone has said what they needed to say, what next?

Ask him if there’s anything sexy lexy he’s been wanting to try that doesn’t involve porn. Let him know about anything bow-chica-wow-wow you’ve been thinking of (some kind of Magic Mike role play eh?)
You guys can try finding something together that gets you both all humpedy dumpedy
Couples that look at weird sex positions online together, stay together.

The author of this article is user bodylanguage. bodylanguage is a soon-to-be graduate of the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English with a concentration in creative writing. She had her first real kiss when she was 15 with a guy that slobbered all over her face. She loves giving and receiving sex and relationship advice and dreams of the life of Carrie Bradshaw.

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