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Recruited – Our Introduction to the Swinging Lifestyle

For our tenth anniversary, my wife, Christina, and I booked a two-week vacation in Cancun to enjoy good food, good drink, and great sex. Our lives had become increasingly busy, between the kids, our jobs, and everything that goes with getting older, so we’d been looking forward to this getaway for a while. Our hotel turned out to be much more all-inclusive than we’d expected.

We upgraded to first class for our flight to the Yucatan. The food was amazing, but it was the way everyone was looking at us that really made the experience awesome. Christina is, well, maybe I’m a bit biased, but she is gorgeous. She’s barely five feet tall and about 135lbs. She has delicious 34Cs that she’s very happy to show off, and a nice plump ass that is soft yet firm. We didn’t dress up for the flight, but she was wearing a satin blouse that showed off a generous amount of cleavage and a cute little skirt to display her fine tanned legs. There’s nothing special about me – I’m about six feet tall and try to stay just under 200lbs. I have a swimmer’s build, which I’ve been told looks good on me.

We enjoyed our flight, got a bit tipsy on the plane, and took a towncar to the resort. We’d been teasing and touching each other on the plane and were both incredibly horny as we slid into the backseat of the limo. The driver introduced himself as Carlos, and I let him know where we were staying, and he pulled away from the airport as I pulled my wife towards me. She straddled me in the back of the car and we kissed deeply as our hands explored the secret places we’d discovered over the past ten years. As we played, I noticed the driver had turned his mirror to get a better view. We’ve never been shy, but hadn’t openly had sex in front of anyone else. Since we were on holidays in another country, I figured this was a perfect time to go for it, and I pulled my wife’s blouse over her head and feasted on her gorgeous body. I think she might have figured out the driver was watching us as well, because she was louder – and wetter – than normal. We continued to tease and play – loud and proud – until we finally climaxed and collapsed onto each other. Ten years with this woman, and she still was the hottest thing I’d ever done.

As we adjusted ourselves in the backseat, the driver let us know we were just a few minutes away from the resort.

“I took the long way, so you could enjoy the scenery,” he said with a smile and a thick Mexican accent.

We pulled up to the resort, and the driver came and opened the door for us to get out.

“To welcome you to Cancun, I have a little gift for you both,” he said, and then handed us a pair of ebony rings. “Wear your ring on your right hand for luck. I think you two will be very lucky during your stay.”

The rings were quite nice, albeit plain, and were made of some kind of hardwood. We slipped them on and thanked Carlos for the gift. I slipped him a $20 for taking the scenic route, and he gave me a little wink, saying “Perhaps we will meet again, senor.” I figured he meant he’d be our driver on the way back home, but that wasn’t the case.

The resort was fantastic and we stayed and played everywhere. It was like we were on our honeymoon again, because pretty much every time I looked at my wife I wanted her. This may have been partially due to the series of bikinis she’d bought specifically for this trip. Each one was smaller – and better – than the last. We’d been there a week, and there hadn’t been a day where we hadn’t had sex at least twice. I’m not sure how I managed to keep up with her, but I tried my hardest. Pun absolutely intended!

At the beginning of our second week at the resort we were sitting by the pool, enjoying our lunch of margaritas when a good looking couple in their early 30s took the lounge chairs beside us. He was a good looking man, about my height, but with a more muscular build. She was an elegant goddess, with raven black hair that came down to the top of her white bikini bottoms. Her deep, dark tan forced your eyes to focus on the tiny strip of white fabric trying to restrain her massive breasts, which shouldn’t have looked as natural as they did on her petite frame. Either god was her plastic surgeon or her plastic surgeon was a god.

“Oh, those rings are lovely. Were they a gift from Carlos?” asked the wife.

My wife and I shared a smile, thinking about that night in Carlos’ car.

“Actually yes, he said they were lucky rings,” replied Christina

“You both have the look of people who have no problems getting lucky,” said the husband, and he and his gorgeous wife both showed us that they were wearing the same black rings on their own right hands.

The husband raised his glass in a toast, and said, “Here’s to getting lucky whenever and wherever you can”

We all drank to that, and then they introduced themselves as Sharon and Roy from Chicago. She was some kind of lawyer and he was an investment banker or something like that. They had a chemistry that worked well with us, and we found ourselves chatting away the afternoon with this fun and gorgeous couple.

“Have you found the ‘private’ club yet?” Sharon asked, and my wife and I both shook our heads.

“Oh, well you’ll have to come as our guests tonight,” said Roy.

We agreed, and Christina asked, “What’s the dress code? I didn’t bring anything formal. Is that OK?”

Sharon and Roy both laughed, saying she’d look great in anything, and casual wear was perfectly acceptable.

We joined them for dinner at one of the a la carte restaurants, and they wouldn’t let us pay for anything – the night was their treat, and they wanted to spoil us. We enjoyed the food, the drinks, and the quick wit of this gorgeous couple.

After dinner, Sharon and Roy led us to a part of the resort we hadn’t seen yet. We walked through a very plain section that looked like it might be for staff accommodations, which eventually opened up onto a private beach with a two-story building that was open to the ocean breeze and a small pool with a swim-up bar. There were a few couples lounging around the area, and we figured this must be a European clientele, as many of the ladies were topless.

We continued to walk and talk with Saron and Roy as they led us towards the building. We stepped inside and were immediately met by a gorgeous hostess, wearing not much more than a smile; her skin-tight mini-dress emphasized every curve of her perfect, young body. Sandy-blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a little button nose, and a set of DSLs that would feel incredible should they ever touch you.

“Good evening Sharon and Roy, we’re so glad to see you again. And I see you have guests,” the hostess smiled warmly as she turned to meet us.

“Yes Kim, thank you. I think Carlos selected our friends, Mike and Christina, to join us tonight. Did he mention it to you?” Sharon told the girl.

“Ahh yes, he did say he had a very interesting trip from the airport. And this is the lucky couple?” she asked, reaching towards us to shake our hands.

“We’ve been looking forward to meeting you, and we’re glad you found us,” she said with a smile, extending her hand to me.

I shook her hand, which was amazingly soft and tender, and when Christina tried to do the same, Kim pulled her close and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. I saw Chris tense up for a second, but she quickly relaxed and even kissed Kim back for a moment. This was one helluva holiday.

While Christina and I might not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, we quickly figured out what kind of club this was as we walked into the main room. There were people dancing and others sitting on couches, where booths would be in nightclubs in our hometown. Everyone was in various stages of undress – some walking around completely naked, while others were fully dressed in a suit and tie. Christina squeezed my hand and gave me a big smile. I took this as a “Well, what happens on vacation stays on vacation,” and squeezed her hand back.

Sharon and Roy led us out to join the rest of the people on the dancefloor. I wish I could tell you what was playing, but it was something unmemorable, but at the time, sort of popular. The music wasn’t so loud that you can’t hear yourself think, but loud enough to feel the beat. I pulled Chris close as we danced, and whispered in her ear.

“Are you ok with all of this?” I asked

She replied by taking my hand and sliding it down her tight belly, slipping it under the waistband of her shorts and leading me past the little patch of hair that she kept trimmed just for me. I needed no further guidance, and slipped a finger inside, amazed at how wet she was. I looked around the room as I explored her body, and saw that many eyes were on us. Sharon was rubbing Roy’s cock through his shorts. On the couches I could see couples and trios touching and teasing each other while they watched us. I bent down to kiss Christina, while continuing to tease her closer to orgasm. I knew the first one wouldn’t take long, so I focused on her clit and soon she was moaning loudly and then trembling against me, crying out as the orgasm overtook her. We kissed and danced again for a few moments, and then she slowly went to her knees, expertly undoing my belt as she moved down my body. I could almost feel the eyes on my cock as it sprang free, and Chris gave it a big, slow lick, letting the audience feel her hunger before she slid me into her mouth, deeper than I’d ever thought possible.

While Christina knelt in front of me, bobbing her head and running her tongue around my shaft, Kim crossed the room to kneel beside her. She placed her hands on Chris’ head, running her fingers through her fine hair. Again, I felt Chris tense at this strange touch, but only for a second, and then she sped up her pace. Kim’s other hand traced its way up my thigh, and soon found my aching balls. This alone almost had me erupting, but I forced myself to hold back and enjoyed her delicate touch against my tender skin.

I watched Kim nuzzle my wife’s ear, which I knew to be one of her biggest turn-ons, and again felt her pause before doubling her efforts. Kim kissed her way down my wife’s jawbone until both women were at lip level with my throbbing cock. My wife took me out of her mouth, and guided me between Kim’s massive lips. The softness of her foreign lips was too much, and I started to moan and signal to the girls that I was about to cum. Kim just kept on sucking, and my wife started caressing the tight body underneath Kim’s tight dress. It was magical, and a few seconds later I exploded deep into Kim’s throat.

As the aftershocks of my orgasm passed, I could hear an odd sound around the room. Of the thirty or so couples that were there, more than half of them were applauding, while the other half were either pleasuring their significant other, or being pleasured by them. I looked around the room and wasn’t overly surprised to see Carlos standing there, clapping his hands energetically. Roy was applauding while Sharon sucked what looked like the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.

I pulled Chris up to me, and gave her a big kiss, and then the two of us gave a little bow to the crowd. We’d just discovered that we are exhibitionists, and sensed that we’d learn much more about ourselves over the course of the night – and the rest of the week.

Best vacation ever.

We have more tales of our swinging adventures. If you’d like to read more, please leave a comment.

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