relationship sex advice

Relationship Sex Advice

by Eliza Lane

Do you have an ongoing relationship problem? Perhaps it’s a sexual concern or even just something you’ve always wondered about. Well here’s your chance to have all your dirty laundry aired without anyone knowing whose undies are on the line. Send in your questions and I’ll offer the best advice I can muster after years of experience and observation. Nothing is too silly or serious, vanilla or kinky. I’ve seen or heard it all.

So, ask away. Click here

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In broad terms, pain is the body’s warning that something is wrong; however, our pain responses are very complex and it is very easy to produce the effect of pain without doing any real harm to the body.    The “pain threshold” at which a stimulus crosses the boundary between intense sensation and pain is a gray area in terms of our perception. BDSM is associated in most people’s minds with potentially painful activities, sometimes referred to as “pain games”. It is true; however, that some people actually enjoy or at least get some satisfaction out of the intense physical sensation. Some of the satisfaction may be attributed to the release of body chemicals also known as “endorphins”. Most player’s interests are a mixture of physical aspects and the psychological dynamics of Domination and submission, and some play with hardly any physical pain at all. Those for whom the interest in pain is predominant are sometimes referred to sadists and masochists rather than Dominants and submissives. After care is needed, and monitoring the one receiving pain, is mandatory. Not for the novice for play.