Guilty Pleasure

I winked at my chauffeur, grabbed the leash and brought my lover inside. “Why would you say such rude things to me and think you could get away so easily?” I insisted, and kneeled on the floor before him, letting his steely eyes pierce into my gaze. I didn’t need him to know how desperate and lonely I was outside our little companionship. He didn’t need to understand how I needed him on top of my body, swinging my legs wide open or to the side.
Keeping a hold on the leash, I lay back on the floor and opened my legs. I was still in my little corset, but my panties were long gone. I pulled his leash towards me, bringing his head and body in my direction. Just watching his regret through his eyes turned me on. “I’m sorry,” he said lastly. “I want to show you.”

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cheating spouse

World Wide Web of Lies – Cheating Spouse

Ashley promotes cheating on your spouse. Does it mean that cheating is or should be “socially acceptable”—but perhaps monogamy shouldn’t be society’s default setting for life-partnership

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