cheating spouse

World Wide Web of Lies – Cheating Spouse

Ashley promotes cheating on your spouse. Does it mean that cheating is or should be “socially acceptable”—but perhaps monogamy shouldn’t be society’s default setting for life-partnership

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Dear Oil Slick…

Tell him what he needs to do. It will feel hollow, and the chances are that he won’t do what you tell him to anyways, but the truth is that even “Mr. Perfect” isn’t psychic, and sometimes you need to spell things out, literally. Don’t mince words or try to be nice. Just tell him straight up, what it is you want. Do you want him to throw you up against a wall and aggressively make out with you after a long day at work? Then tell him that. Do you just want him to sit down and ask you about your day when he sees you? Tell him that. Whatever you need, demand it.

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