Guilty Pleasure

I winked at my chauffeur, grabbed the leash and brought my lover inside. “Why would you say such rude things to me and think you could get away so easily?” I insisted, and kneeled on the floor before him, letting his steely eyes pierce into my gaze. I didn’t need him to know how desperate and lonely I was outside our little companionship. He didn’t need to understand how I needed him on top of my body, swinging my legs wide open or to the side.
Keeping a hold on the leash, I lay back on the floor and opened my legs. I was still in my little corset, but my panties were long gone. I pulled his leash towards me, bringing his head and body in my direction. Just watching his regret through his eyes turned me on. “I’m sorry,” he said lastly. “I want to show you.”

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Dear Oil Slick…

Tell him what he needs to do. It will feel hollow, and the chances are that he won’t do what you tell him to anyways, but the truth is that even “Mr. Perfect” isn’t psychic, and sometimes you need to spell things out, literally. Don’t mince words or try to be nice. Just tell him straight up, what it is you want. Do you want him to throw you up against a wall and aggressively make out with you after a long day at work? Then tell him that. Do you just want him to sit down and ask you about your day when he sees you? Tell him that. Whatever you need, demand it.

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Dear Sexually Open

What The F*ck is more like it. So here’s the funny thing about private parts, riding the same one for years on end gets boring and the first one to get bored is usually the last one to get cheated on. Now I’m not recommending that you hire the Private Dick, not just yet at least, let’s explore the possibilities before we come to a well considered hypothesis of what’s going on with your marriage.

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The joy of text

You need to ask him what he was working out and if he gives you a convincing answer to that, ask if he has worked it out (after all, it could be something as simple as what colour to paint his bedroom, or a complicated maths problem).

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Committed one-on-one Relationship

Cynthia Colby – in applying for the Columnist Writing Job

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Wanna Be Bareback Dom Learns a Lesson in the Art of Listening

What happens when a guy tries to push a girl’s limits? She goes off-limit. But maybe it doesn’t have to stay that way.

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Daydreams of Thick Arms

This is a hot poem. At least I think it’s hot. If you haven’t started taking poems, it could be a huge way for you to expand your variety and cater to different audiences taste. I think it’s hot, but you decide

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I would be weirded out too – you don’t want to feel like a porn star is captivating your husband more than you are. But, this is what you need to express to him! He won’t know that it’s bothering you until you tell him it is.

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All Lubed Out

This is a response to Question 1.

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WHAT?? Husband watching porn? Really???

What should this 30 year old woman do? Her husband watched porn to finish getting off.

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Peach Beach

Luke and Sophia hike to the beach on a juicy first date.

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Black Magic Woman

Girl lying on a towel is dreaming

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Sexless Marriage

Sexless Dad to Be

I am a 35 year old man and happily married. My wife and I were very sexually active, having sex at least four times a week. Now we are expecting our first child together and are very happy.  But we have stopped having sex. It has been about four months and my wife is due […]

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