Watch Me – My Wife’s Fantasy

My wife caught me enjoying some online adult action, and decided to put on a show for me. It was better than anything I’ve ever seen online, and it happened in my living room.

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Dying to be Daddy

Dying to be a Daddy

My wife and I want to have a baby. We’ve been trying and trying, but so far, she’s not getting pregnant. A friend told me that there are some pills that are supposed to increase the amount of sperm I make. Would that help?   Well, in theory, those pills could help…if the problem is […]

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Sexless Dad to Be

I am a 35 year old man and happily married. My wife and I were very sexually active, having sex at least four times a week. Now we are expecting our first child together and are very happy.  But we have stopped having sex. It has been about four months and my wife is due […]

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My Wife’s Fantasy

My wife Jen is a gorgeous creature, but after a few years of marriage, things had started to get a bit stale for us in the bedroom. That was until the day I discovered the movies she’d been watching online.

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