Watch Me – My Wife’s Fantasy

“Do you like watching her do that?”
I was checking out some of the new clips on Vinegar Strokes when my wife surprised me with her question. Apparently I hadn’t heard her come home, so I just about jumped out of my chair at the sound of her voice.
“Jesus Chris, you scared the hell outta me,” I said.

She giggled as she walked away, and neither of us said anything else about it. I assumed it was something that neither one of us wanted to talk about.
I was wrong.

A few days later, I came home from work and parked in the garage, then walked into the kitchen to plop my lunch pail on the counter. I was in a bit of a daze due to the shitty day I’d had, when I heard a little “ahem” coming from the living room. I looked up, and saw my wife sitting on the sofa facing the kitchen. She had an assortment of toys spread out on the coffee table, and she was wearing the white silk robe I’d bought her a few Christmases ago, but she’d never worn. It was very sheer, and through it I could see she was wearing a lace cami and tight white boy shorts.

My wife has an amazing body, firm 36DD tits and a comfortable ass with just the right amount of curve. She wore lace camis occasionally, and the way the fabric hugged the incredible arcs of her chest had my motor racing every time. Even through the thin robe I could see her hard nipples pushed against the fabric, and I knew we were in for something special tonight.
“Sit down,” she said, motioning towards the recliner.

There was already a beer sitting on the end table for me, the white lace of foam almost as tempting as the lace she was wearing. She must have been waiting to hear the garage door open before she poured it. Apparently she knows my routine a little too well.
I sat down as directed, bringing the ice cold beer to my lips as I watched Erin on the couch.

“There are a few ground rules,” she said. “I’m going to touch myself, and you’re going to watch. You cannot say anything. You cannot touch anything. You cannot do anything except enjoy the show until I say differently. Do you understand?”
I nodded quickly.

“Good boy,” she said.

Her wine glass was full as she brought it to her lips, and I watched the red liquid disappear slowly. Her red lipstick stained the outside of the glass, and when an errant drop tried to escape, her tongue quickly shot out to capture it. She brought her feet up onto the couch, causing her knees to block most of my view. I could see her freshly painted toenails sparkling, and started to realize just how much planning she’d put into this. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I was more than happy to be there for the ride.

Erin started to run her fingers along the bare skin of her shins. I could see that they were silky soft, and she trembled at the light touch. I watched her fingers glide along her skin, tracing the contours of her calves on their way up to her knees, and then back down as she skimmed them along her thighs. They floated across the fabric of her silky shorts, and then began the climb past her belly to her gorgeous chest. I took another sip of my beer, enjoying the view and the sexy softness of her touch. Our eyes stayed locked as she started to rub her palms against the swell of her breast, and I could see her nipples pressing hard against the silky fabric. She let out a little moan as she gave one of her nipples a light pinch.

I could smell her, a mixture of the lavender oil she used in her bath, a hint of the perfume I’d bought her before we got married, and the slight aroma of her heat. It was an incredible combination and I wanted to move closer to her so I could enjoy more.
I started to get up from my chair, only to be commanded, “Sit down or I will stop.”
I’m no idiot, so I sat down quickly.

Her hands continued to explore her body, teasing at her breasts and then down her belly. She spread her legs, her knees now almost touching the couch. My wife is incredibly flexible, and while I’ve always appreciated it in the bedroom, this was by far one of the best reasons for her to keep going to yoga. When she got to the fabric of her shorts, she skipped over them, jumping to the creamy white of her inner thigh. She used her fingertips lightly against her skin, and I could see, and smell, her getting herself more turned on. I could feel the hardness between my legs, straining against the denim of my work pants. I wanted to go over there and taste her, then rip off my clothes and enter her, but I also wanted to see how this played out. So I forced myself to have another drink of my beer.

She pulled the fabric of her shorts away, revealing her delicious pink pussy. She’d trimmed her hair, showing just a little blonde cotton ball of fur. She ran her fingers along the delicate lips, causing her to gasp and her body to tremble. The light sparkled on the thin layer of juices coating her sex, and she dipped a finger inside, and then another. She moved the two fingers gently along the inside of her pussy, moving them up towards her swollen clit. She pulled them out and they were coated in her juices. The air was thick with her scent, and she brought the fingers to her mouth, her tongue teasing the moisture off of them. Our eyes were still locked together, and it felt like my cock was going to rip through my pants. I could feel it throbbing against the tight material, and thought I might go crazy before the night is over.
Erin leaned forward and scooped one of the toys off of the coffee table. I’d teased her with this one many times, but this was the first time I’d seen her using it. It started to buzz and hum, and she moved it down her neck, over the soft material of her cami, and then under the fabric, rubbing the vibrator against her sensitive skin. She pulled the cami up, showing me her gorgeous breasts, and used the toy to trace along her areolas before finding her hard nipples. She gasped and shuddered, and her smile got deeper while her eyes unfocused. She gave a little moan, and then moved the little white wand down her body.

I watched as she rubbed the toy against her labia, the buzzing noise almost drowned out by her quick breaths. She was almost panting, and I knew she was close to cumming. Her head rolled back, and I could see the light beads of sweat on her forehead. She moved the toy up a bit higher, bringing it dangerously close to her swollen clit. The toy was slick with her juices already, and I saw her jump again as it made contact with her sensitive button. She held it there for a moment, her hips gyrating against the delicate pressure. As she let it stimulate her clit, she moved her free hand to her exposed breast and started pinching her nipples. She moaned with pleasure, and then brought her head down to look me in the eyes.

I will never forget that scene – our eyes locked as she sat on the couch, legs splayed open, shorts pulled aside to expose her delicious pussy, her little rabbit furiously focused on her swollen clit, and her hands stimulating her sensitive nipples. I just about came when she locked her eyes on me, the desire in her so strong it felt like it was pulling me across the room. I wanted to get up and ravage her, but I wanted to see her finish. She slid the little vibe into her, pistoning it in and out while she used a finger to stimulate her clit. She was moaning hard, her breath ragged. She licked her lips slowly, and I watched as the tidal force of her orgasm overtook her.

She rocked against the couch, arching her back while furiously stroking her clit. She slid the vibrator, now completely coated with her juices, deep inside her, and with a final gasp, I saw her begin to cum. She left the vibrator inside of her while she played with her clit with one hand and teased her nipples with the other. Her body locked again, and she started to shake and tremble as the orgasm took over. She whimpered and moaned as she came, her body twitching as every nerve celebrated the orgasm. She trembled for another minute or two as she slowly came down, and I could see the sheen of sweat all over her.

I took a drink of my forgotten beer, and tried not to think of the dull ache in my balls. I’d never wanted release more than I had at that minute, and from the look in her eyes, she wanted it too.
“Now it’s your turn,” she said, smiling wickedly at me. Her eyes flicked to the table beside me, and that’s when I noticed she’d laid out some toys for me, too.
But that’s a story for next time.


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