Sensuality is the urge of the divine
to re-unite all the energies of the universe.
Through beauty and laughter we are enticed to grow.
Through ecstasy we are transformed.
In these moments we can perceive the sacred dwelling
in a flower ; a sunset ; or the sparkle within a lover’s eyes.

Two lovers meet for the first time in the amber glow of the waxing twilight of a candle lit dining room. They speak softly, talking of things that fall clumsily from their tongues. Their words flutter like Autumn leaves across restless pools of rarefied nectar imprisoned in crystal. The measure of each breath becomes heavier with the entanglements of their invisible aromatic emanations. She leaves the table when her desire outweighs her fear and retires to her chamber.

First Water

She prepares herself in the means and manner that are familiar to her and bring her comfort in the doing. She relinquishes lights cruel hold over the room and lights two candles placing them on the dresser before the mirror.

He presents himself at the chamber door but does not enter. She remains cloistered in her sanctuary. He enters and sits on a chair with his back towards the mirror. He affixes a blindfold to himself that she may enter UN-compromised and without the fear of Judging eyes. She presents the back of her hand to his nose allowing him to smell her deeply. She offers the back of her neck, which he kisses softly returning to kiss the palm of her hand.

She unbuttons his shirt and drags the points of her finger nails across his chest. She kisses him and he tugs gently on her lower lip with his teeth. She uncovers her shoulder and he kisses her slowly across the back, unveiling her other shoulder with his mouth. She presses her lips to his and they kiss deeply, she pulls his hair at the back of his neck and he kisses her deeper, grasping her tongue with his lips.
She bares her breasts and presses them against his chest. he kisses her below her chin in small circles that fall ever closer to her bounty.

She repels him and kisses his mouth tugging hard on his hair. She returns his mouth to her breast and he caresses her with his tongue exploring the fullness of her bosom.
He cups her breasts in the nook of his hands and pushes them apart while kissing the descending line of her cleavage. She resists him and presses her mouth to his drawing from him his panting breath. He clasps her shoulders with his hands and strokes his fingers along her spine and across her lower back.

She presses her breasts to his cheeks and he suckles her, before returning his mouth to hers. She presses the roundness of her belly against his lips and he kisses her and teases him by raising her hips for him to kiss lower, than rejects him and kisses his mouth.

He massages her back and grips her cheeks firmly while she presses herself to him. He caresses her inner thighs and kisses her neck, letting his tongue probe behind her ear, his lips tugging on her ear lobe and she rakes her nails across his back. She kisses him briefly and returns his mouth to her neck. He rolls his tongue down her stomach and breaths hot whispers through the fabric of her undergarment onto her jewel. He inhales her essence and grips the band of her veil with his teeth, pulling it away from her ; he breathes in her fragrance. She clutches his arms and presses her to him.

He explores beneath the veil with his lips and tongue and caresses her cheeks with penetrating forcefulness. Her back arches and he glides away her jewels confinement, releasing it to drape upon her ankles. She steps forward and widens her stance before him. He caresses the folds of her little self with his lips and penetrates her with his tongue. His hands support her back and she arches further. he swirls his tongue about her and suckles her slowly, stretching and releasing her.
She clutches her breasts and presses them upward releasing them as her hands fall down to his face. He sucks her fingers pressing his tongue in between each one while his hands massage her inner thighs.

She kisses him on the mouth and their tongues entwine, she releases his mouth and he flutters his tongue across the softness of her belly, darting back and forth to her inner thigh. He swirls her, probes her and parts her lips with his tongue. He senses the quickening of her tremors and the fullness of her swelling and he caresses her jewel with his lips. He draws in her jewel taking the fullness in his mouth and comforting it on the pillow of his tongue. He suckles her and she draws nearer, he feels her anticipation and clutches her cheeks in his hands, He massages her jewel rapidly between his lips and tongue and draws her in with a quickening pace.

She gasps and tugs at her hair, He pulls at her with his lips, her hips rise pressing herself into him. His hand caresses the back of her knee and She trembles. He devours her completely, rubbing his face onto her jewel, engulfing her sparkling waters.

She bucks and he cups her jewel between his hands, separating the glistening gates with the forefingers of each hand. She grasps his hair and he caresses her little self with his darting tongue. Her hips rise and fall, she thrusts herself into his face, the pace of his darting tongue quickens and she shutters. She releases to him and he presses his face deeper into her softly comforting Her with tiny kisses along the ridges of the Venus Mound. She collapses backwards on to the bed and he softly caresses the backs of her legs.

Sex Appeal
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