Community Guidelines

To make sure Vinegar Strokes is a fun and safe place, we wrote the following list of general community guidelines we would like everyone to respect.
Just remember, that your participation in Vinegar Strokes Live is always subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Be Open-Minded and Non-Judgemental

People often say to us how they love the fact that Vinegar Strokes’ community is so open-minded and non-judgemental, and we are proud of that.
Please help us make sure Vinegar Strokes stays this way.

No Pictures or Videos of Kids Allowed

The community does not want to see any pictures or videos of people under the age of 18 on Vinegar Strokes. This policy will be strictly enforced and reported to law enforcement.

You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old

To join Vinegar Strokes you need to be at least 18 years old. Each person matures at a different speed and you might feel you are ready to join a site like Vinegar Strokes when you are 17, but you need to wait until your 18th birthday to join.

Think Twice Before You Post

You can remove any content on your profile at any time but you should think twice though before you start or comment on any discussions. To maintain the integrity of discussions we don’t remove the original post or any comments unless they break one of our guidelines or our Terms and Conditions

Only Post Pictures and Videos You Own or Have The Rights to Post

You should only upload pictures and videos which you have taken or which you were given permission to post on Vinegar Strokes.
Has someone taken one of your pictures or videos and uploaded it to Vinegar Strokes without your permission? Check out our Copyright Policy for more information on how to report copyright infringements.

Don’t Out Anyone

Each person on Vinegar Strokes is comfortable with different pieces of their personal information being revealed. Some people don’t mind you using their full real name and others don’t want you to even use their first name. Please make a conscious effort to respect each person’s comfort level. Also, to protect members of the community, we don’t allow phone numbers or addresses to be posted publicly on Vinegar Strokes Live Platform

Take Everything You Read With A Grain of Salt

Vinegar Strokes is for entertainment, informational, and educational purposes only. What people post is not verified by anyone for its accuracy. What you read on Vinegar Strokes should not be construed as actual, professional advice. You should always consult a qualified professional.

Spam and Cross-Posting

Since nobody likes spam other than spammers, we promise to protect you from it to the best of our ability. This includes cross-posting. We will not tolerate anyone posting the same message more than 3 times a day anywhere on Vinegar Strokes.

Someone Breaks One Of Our Community Guidelines

We don’t scan Vinegar Strokes other than for spam or scammers. So if you come across something that goes against our community guidelines, it is probably because nobody reported it. To report anything that is in violation of our community guidelines please contact [email protected] We will investigate each report and take the necessary actions.

Got Questions or Suggestions?

If you ever need clarification on any part of the community guidelines or have a question, suggestion, a bit of feedback, or a problem with the site, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Changes to the Community Guidelines

Like Vinegar Strokes itself, the Community Guidelines will evolve over time, so make sure to check back often for updates.