It takes a few minutes to broadcast live to our community.  What are you waiting for?


Who Can See my Live Video
Only registered members of our community can view your stream.  You can also filter cities and countries from viewing your live stream
Is my Live Video Recored?
No!   Your stream is live and not recorded.  As soon as you stop broadcasting the stream stops.
How do I get paid?
You convert your tips into cash and we pay you through PayPal.  Payments are USD and can be converted into your home currency.  Its as simple as one click.
Can people comment on my video?
Our members can send messages to you through our chat system creating an interactive experience. 
What are tokens?
Tokens are purchased by our members and used to tip broadcasters.  These tokens can then be converted into your home currency.
Will people know my location whey I go live?
No!  We do not disclose your location to anyone.
How long can I go live for?
You can go live for as long as you want.  But we do not allow sleeping on camera
Can I go live using my own phone?
You can use any IPhone or Android phone to broadcast your show.  We recommend that you use a Wifi connection to avoid data charges from your phone carrier
How old do I have to be to go live?
You earn money through tips.  We find that our community is very generous with their tokens.
Can I refer a friend? How can people react on my video?
We encourage you to tell your friends about our community.  As a token of our apprciatiuon we will give you free tokens that you can convert into cash.  Also as an added bonus we will give your friend tokens to help them get started
Vinegar Strokes Live is currently in beta.
No Credit Card Required