Never Have I Ever.. Part III – Body Shots

Who knew that a drinking game would turn into such an amazing night?

It was just about the end of summer, pretty much the time when friends become lovers, and after spending the day at the beach together, our crew was resting at my place, playing a game of Never have I ever… that started out innocent but quickly became interesting. We’d heard about Ricky’s entry into the mile-high club and then Kimmy taught Crystal and Lorraine the finer points of oral attention. It was pretty obvious where the night was heading, and none of the crew seemed to be in a hurry to leave.
We’d just watched Kimmy show Lorraine and Crystal how to effectively finish a man off orally, and Ricky had been more than willing to volunteer his oversized equipment for the cause. Lorraine was a quick and eager student, but it was Crystal who had finished him off while the rest of us sat in awe, enjoying the show.

“I don’t know about all y’all, but I need another drink,” said Ken, our designated bartender, breaking the silence.
“Pour them quick and make’m strong,” hollered Tanya as she jumped up to help him.
“Kenny – just bring in the bottle of that dark rum, and I think there’s a full bottle of decent tequila in the cupboard above the sink. Grab that too,” I said, and looked at Kimmy who was already sporting an evil grin.
“You could drown a toddler in my panties right now,” said Chrissy, causing the girls to nod in agreement and the guys to giggle like little girls.

While they were in the kitchen getting the supplies, I had everyone get off the couch, making it available for the next part of the game.
I took the bottles from Kenny, and Tanya put the shot glasses, lime wedges, and salt shaker on the table.
I poured everyone a shot of tequila, then said, “Never have I ever…had a body shot off of Rachel.”
Nobody drank and then Rachel caught her breath, realizing what was about to happen.

“Oh, well, I guess we need to fix that too, don’t we?” she said, moving towards the couch.
Rachel took off the T-shirt she was wearing over her bikini and lay down on the couch. She was so young and firm, her gorgeous curves riding high on her chest, defying gravity.
“OK, well, body shots are pretty easy. Just drink, lick, suck.”

I placed a wedge of lime in Rachel’s mouth and sprinkled some salt on her ample cleavage. Laying back, a natural well formed in her tight belly, so I poured my shot onto her. She wriggled as the cool liquid hit her belly.
“Keep still – this is too good to waste,” I told her.
And then I bent forward, slurping the tequila off her chocolate skin. The golden liquid burned nicely as I swallowed, and then I licked the trail of salt off her chest, holding her firm breasts in place as my tongue slowly found each crystal. Her breasts were massive, easily the biggest in the group, and 100% natural. The room was dead quiet as I licked away the salt, and then I moved up to take the lime out of her mouth. Our lips met and she held the wedge firmly in her teeth, forcing me to use my tongue to tease it out of her. She finally released it, and our tongues lightly flicked against each other. She opened her mouth a bit more so I could explore, and being the gentleman I am, I had to oblige. I let the lime fall from my mouth, and then we kissed, teasing each other with our tongues and enjoying the combination of good tequila, salt, fresh lime, and the promise of more.

I broke our kiss and pulled away, pushing Rachel back to the couch. She gave a light moan and then relaxed.
“I’m next,” said Kimmy, as she gently pushed me aside.

Rachel smiled as Kimmy poured her shot into her belly button, sprinkled the salt on her chest and then gave her the lime. Watching these two gorgeous women doing body shots was probably one of the hottest things I’d ever seen. Kimmy’s light blonde hair draped across Rachel’s dark body, and as she lapped up the liquor, her hands teased at Rachel’s inner thighs. Kimmy moved up to the salt, making eye contact with Rachel as she licked the salt off of her gorgeous chest. After the salt, she took the lime out of Rachel’s mouth with her fingers, playfully tossing it at Ken, and then brought her lips to Rachel’s. The two embraced aggressively, tongues exploring each other’s mouth. After another minute of this, Kimmy broke the kiss and sat back with a sigh.
“Is it ok if we do a shot off of someone else?” asked Lorraine.

“Tonight’s a make-up-the-rules-as-we-go, kinda night,” I replied.
And with that, Lorraine pulled Bill’s shirt over his head as she guided him to the floor.
Bill lay back, his hairless chest glistening with sweat. “You probably won’t need the salt shaker,” he said, the words muffled by the lime in his mouth.
“That wasn’t what I had in mind,” she replied.

Lorraine poured her shot into Bill’s tummy and bent forward to capture every drop. She licked him clean and then moved down, tracing his obviously hard cock through the fabric of his shorts. She brought her hands to his waistband and he lifted his butt off the floor so she could slide them off. Without the fabric, he sprung to attention, and Lorraine took him deep into her mouth, actively using the techniques Kimmy and Crystal had just demonstrated. We all watched as she stroked and sucked him, cupping his balls and running her fingernails down his shaft. Bill reached forward to feel her breast through the fabric of her T-shirt, but Lorraine directed his hand to her head, and he began running his fingers through her hair. She kept at it, the streaks of saliva running down his shaft. Bill started to moan, and then we saw Lorraine’s free hand slip down between her own legs, pulling aside her loose cotton shorts and exposing a serious amount of pubic hair. We watched as she fingered herself while continuing to suck Bill’s cock. Bill started to buck his hips, his hand heavy on Lorraine’s head – fucking her face while she kept finger-banging herself. A few moments later, we saw him tense and begin to twitch as he filled Lorraine’s mouth with his cum. She managed to keep his cock in her mouth while she played with herself, and we saw a trickle of cum leak slide down her cheek. As Bill began to relax, Lorraine let his cock slide out of her mouth, catching the trickle before it got away.

“Hmm, salty,” she said, and then moved up to take the lime from him. There’s a good chance she bruised Bill’s lips with her aggressive kiss, but he wasn’t complaining.
They kissed for a few minutes, and then she said, “I want a cock inside me, now!” but Bill was too spent to help her and would need a few minutes to recover. She held his deflating cock in her hand, gave a little frown, and then said, “Ricky, I think you might be too big, but maybe Ken can help a girl out.”

Ken stood up without saying a word, his erect cock straining against the loose material of his shorts. He shucked them off, revealing himself to the room. He was about average length but thicker than most, and as he walked towards Lorraine, she wriggled out of her clothes. None of us really knew what kind of body she had, as she usually was quite modest – nothing too tight, nothing too revealing. As she stood naked in my living room, we saw that she had a delicious figure: perky breasts that looked to be a 34C or so, a nice little tummy and a wee little ass. There was a chorus of approving whistles around the room as she wiggled her ass for the crowd, and when she lay on her back, we all saw the forest of the bush. Unlike the other girls in the room, I don’t think she’d ever trimmed her pubes, and it reminded me of the stroke magazines my dad had in the 70s. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount of hair, just substantially more than we were accustomed to.
Ken started towards the massive pile of curls, the aroma of her sex filling the room. Perhaps it was the drink, the fun, or the atmosphere, but she smelled amazing. I’d have no problem diving tongue-first into that pile of pubes, pushing the curls to the side so I could taste that sweet pussy. I’m sure that’s what Ken was thinking as well, but as he got closer, Lorraine pulled him on top of her.

“You can lick me later, but if I don’t get a cock in me, I think I’m going to explode,” she said.
And Ken, ever the gentleman, moved up on his knees and we watched as his hard cock disappeared into her dense bush. Lorraine bucked against him as he slowly slid inside her, her fingers coming up to rake across his back. We saw white welts appear on his tanned skin, but he seemed to be enjoying it as he started to speed up.

“Fuck me hard. I love your thick cock. Spread me, make me cum,” she bellowed.
We’d never expected to hear this from Lorraine, as she’d always been so quiet and calm, but here was Ken, fucking the shit out of her as she demanded more and more from him.
As I watched, I felt a hand work its way up my thigh, and I looked down to see Kimmy’s fingers moving their way into my shorts while her other hand teased at her hard nipples. She licked her lips and then looked at me, huskily whispering, “You’d better fuck me now or I’m going to drown everyone in this room.”

Who knew a fun drinking game was going to turn into such an amazing night.
I’ll finish this story in the next article, but just remembering this whole night has me so turned on that I’ve got to go…take care of something.