Never Have I Ever…

It was Saturday night and we’d spent most of the day at the lake: lying in the sun, covertly drinking adult beverages, and simply enjoying the final days of summer.

The day was beautiful, and not just because of the weather. Kimmy, my friend-with-benefits, brought her cousin Chrissy. You could see the family resemblance – both were gorgeous blondes with cute little noses and piercing blue eyes, and both did a remarkable job of filling out their bikini. Tanya and Rachel were there as usual, another pair that looked like they could be sisters: dark skin, long and thick black hair, and seriously sexy curves. Lorraine was with us too, wearing a t-shirt over her one-piece bathing suit. She’s always been the Velma in the group: super smart but not overly sexy. I’ve always liked her, and found myself wondering what she’d be like in bed, but the opportunity hadn’t ever come up. Crystal came with Ken, and other than her gorgeous athletic body, we really didn’t know much about her. Bill, Ken, and I were fairly average guys – not hard to look at, but nothing special. Ricky was very popular with the ladies, especially when they heard about the extra leg he was rumored to have.

Around six, everyone started getting hungry so Kimmy and Chrissy volunteered to go to the store to grab more drinks and BBQ fixings, and the rest of us went back to my place since it was the closest to the beach and had become our unofficial party HQ. We had a mellow dinner of burgers, salad, and corn on the cob, and after the dishes were cleaned up and put away, we regrouped on the back deck, enjoying a light breeze on the warm August night.
<blockquote>“We should play a game of ‘Never have I ever’,” said Kimmy. She had an amazing ability to get the party started, no matter where we were. Probably because guys had a hard time saying no to her and most girls liked her, too.
“I don’t know that game,” said Tanya, and Crystal shared the same puzzled look.</blockquote>
“It’s a really simple, really fun drinking game,” said Kimmy. “The rules are easy: everyone holds up their fingers, then someone says ‘Never have I ever…’ and something they’ve never done. If you’ve done it, you take a drink and put down a finger. If nobody has done it, whoever asked has to take a drink and put down a finger. If you want to be mean, you can say something you think someone in the group has done, but you have to drink if you’ve done it. The last person with any fingers up wins. I’ll go first, but I’ll be gentle.”
Ken, our designated bartender, went to make another round of drinks for the group, and Rachel and Tanya took the opportunity to go to the bathroom before the game.

Kimmy sat on the couch with Tanya and Ricky. Bill and I sat in the deck chairs, and everyone else sat on the sisal rug on the deck. When everyone had a fresh drink, Kimmy started the game.
“Never have I ever…gone skydiving,” she said. “So, if you’ve ever gone skydiving, you have to take a drink.”

Ricky, Ken, and Crystal all took a drink and put down a finger.

And then it was my turn. I looked at the group and said, “Never have I ever peed in the shower.” Chrissy started to say, “Oh that’s disgust…ohh” when she noticed that everyone else in the group, including me, was having a drink.
“There are two types of people in this world, the people who admit to peeing in the shower, and liars,” I said. Chrissy blushed a bit, then took a drink.

We went a few more rounds of fairly innocent things “Never have I ever…skipped school” and “been in a car accident.” After a few drinks, and especially when you’re playing with beautiful people, the game tends to get a bit naughty. The questions progressed to “Never have I ever…had sex in a car” – everyone drank.

When it was Ken’s turn, he said, “Never have I ever…sucked a cock.” All of the girls had a drink.

“Does sucking your own cock count?” asked Ricky. We all agreed that it did, and Ricky took a drink.

Ricky has earned himself a reputation, so when it was my turn again I asked, “Never have I ever – joined the mile-high club,” sure enough, he was the only one to raise his glass.

“OK – let’s hear this story,” said Tanya. Nobody had missed seeing her fingers tracing little designs on the inside of Ricky’s things. It was obvious these two would connect soon, probably tonight.

“I was on my way back from Maui with a buddy, and we were on the red-eye to San Fran. The flight was scheduled to leave at 11 pm, so it was almost empty. Maybe twenty people on the flight, including me and Roger, and pretty much everyone looked sunburnt and exhausted. When the flight attendants closed and locked the doors, we were told to make ourselves comfortable. There was easily room for 150 people on the plane, so everyone found an empty row and claimed it. We could stretch out as much as we wanted, but had to keep our seat belts on at all times. I was still fairly wired from the last day of vacation, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep, so I set my laptop up to watch a few movies in peace.

An hour or so into the flight, and pretty much everyone else on the plane was asleep. The attendants were great – they had nothing to do so they were quick to bring me whatever I wanted. One of them was this gorgeous brunette and I made a point to chat whenever she came by. We flirted and chatted, nothing particularly out of the ordinary – until another hour or so into the flight. She had a blanket with her and said I might be more comfortable with it. I said I was fine, but then she smiled and said ‘What about your friend?’ At first, I thought she was talking about Roger, but then I followed her gaze and noticed that the snake had snuck out of my shorts again, apparently sneaking a peek at her.

I blushed and smiled, and reached to take the blanket from her, but she unfolded it and placed it over my waist. As she sat beside me, she said, ‘No sir, because I can’t see that you’re wearing your seatbelt, I’ll have to physically check. For your safety, of course.’ And then I felt her hand on my knee, sliding up my leg and under my shorts. She grabbed onto me and started stroking, and her eyes got even bigger as I felt myself growing in her warm hands. She undid the seatbelt for me, and I lifted my hips so she could slide my shorts down and off. The blanket slid down as well, revealing my little guy standing at full attention. She gasped when she saw the full size, and then wrapped both hands around it, slowly stroking me. As she got a rhythm going, I moved my hands to her body, but she pushed them back, saying we didn’t have the time for that. She told me to lie back and enjoy, and then she took a quick look around the plane to see if anyone could see what we were doing. She made eye contact with one of the other flight attendants, who gave us a knowing smile, and then she bent down, guiding me into her mouth. ‘I need you to cum quickly for me, I’ll lose my job if I get caught doing this, but damn this is a nice cock’ she said. She could barely get my swollen head into her mouth, but I’ll give her props for trying. She kept both hands stroking while her tongue explored as much as had fit in her mouth. It felt amazing – a combination of the cool air of the flight cabin, her hot breath, and the naughtiness of the whole thing, so it wasn’t long until I felt that familiar feeling and started to buck my hips, sliding deeper into her mouth. I told her I was about to cum, and she just sucked harder. A few seconds later, I shot a huge load down her throat and then she licked me clean.

After we were done, she put the blanket back around my waist, tucked me in, and said ‘When we get to San Fran, you are coming to my hotel so we can put that thing to good use.’
She gave me her number, and I hooked up with her the next day, but that’s a different story.”

Lorraine, Kimmy, and Chrissy all had a satisfied smile on their faces, and the rest of us knew they were remembering their times with Ricky. Tanya, Rachel, and Crystal hadn’t been, yet, but from the look on their faces, that was probably going to change. Soon.
“Wow. Well, now it’s my turn. How the hell do I follow that story?” said Rachel, and then said, “Never have I ever kissed a girl.”

And with that, everyone except Lorraine took a drink, and then Crystal slid in close to her and said, “I guess we can fix that.” She slid her hand behind Rachel’s head, bringing their lips together. Rachel was surprised at first but was quick to relax. The two gorgeous women pressed against each other, and then Rachel’s hands started exploring Crystal’s body, feeling her toned muscles and firm curves. After a minute of teasing, Crystal broke off the kiss and said, “I guess you need to have a drink now.”

Rachel smiled dazedly, licked her lips, and then downed her drink in one gulp.

After a moment of silence as we all realized where the night was going to take us, Ken got up and said, “There are too many empty glasses here, I think we need some refills.”

As I was walking back to the kitchen to help Ken get another round of drinks, Kimmy leaned in close to me and said, “Never have I ever…been with two men at the same time. Maybe you and Ken can fix that tonight?”
The night got much more interesting, but that’s a story for next time…