Vinegar Strokes Hot tub Party

Rob and I were in the third stage of life at the same time: post-divorce and dumb enough to enjoy casual dating. Back in the days when we were both still married, our wives didn’t quite click so we rarely hung out together, but we ended up finalizing our divorces about six months apart and found we made a decent team as each other’s wingman.

Last weekend we were at his place with a couple of guests. I had met Krysta at the gym, and we’d been chatting and flirting for a while. I finally managed to ask her out for dinner, and we made plans. Later that night, I got a text from her saying we’d have to postpone as a friend had just broken up with her husband and would be staying with her for a little while. I told her to bring her friend along, and I’d introduce her to Rob. He’s a fun guy and a helluva good cook, and we’re both pretty harmless. She checked with her friend, and everyone was on board.

On Saturday night, the ladies arrived at Rob’s. He has a little bungalow that he’s done a fair bit of work on. It’s not a mansion, but it looks nice from the outside and the backyard is fantastic; an outdoor kitchen that would make top chefs moan in ecstasy, a nice little lawn, and a good-sized hot tub.

Since Rob was in charge of the feast, it was my job to make sure everyone’s glass was full. I started everyone off with margaritas, and we snacked and chatted for the next few hours, getting to know each other and just enjoying the night.

Krysta and I were busy flirting, and I could see a glimmer of a connection between Rob and Amanda. She was helping him in the kitchen while I was chatting with Krysta on the patio.
I guess I should describe the ladies: Krysta was in her early 40s, about 5’5”, with gorgeous red hair. She was wearing white shorts that showed off her legs, not long but nicely toned, and a tan top that tied around her neck like a bikini and showed off her sculpted arms. She’d been working out for a few years, and looked amazing.

Amanda had a more comfortable body type. She was a bit shorter than Krysta, with full hips and a plump butt. She was cute, with chubby, dimpled cheeks that were constantly smiling and deep blue eyes that almost had a sparkle. I doubt many guys would notice the sparkle, as she had the largest tits I’ve ever seen. The simple t-shirt she was wearing didn’t show an abundance of cleavage, but I think even Ray Charles would have done a double-take when she entered a room.

Rob summoned us to the table and I poured everyone a fresh drink. We ate and chatted, and the conversation was fun and light, with few, if any, awkward pauses. The girls complimented Rob on his cooking, and he toasted to their beauty. We continued to chat and get to know each other, and the more we drank, the better we felt.

The conversation turned to exes – and Rob was telling them about the time he’d been caught screwing his wife at work.

“I was in the vinegar strokes when the lights in the auditorium came on. We heard some commotion but we’re beyond the point of stopping. We were going at it doggy-style, and as the crowd entered the room, I came deep inside her and triggered her orgasm. As her moans subsided, we looked up to see a crowd of senior citizens who were expecting to play bridge but got a live show instead. That was the most awkward experience of my life,” Rob said.
Amanda asked, “What are vinegar strokes?” and Rob and I explained they were the moments right before orgasm, where your face is all screwed up like you just took a big drink of vinegar.
We all laughed and demonstrated our own vinegar strokes-faces, which got everyone laughing even harder.

After we cleared away the dishes, Amanda asked if anyone would mind if she blazed. She told us growing weed was one of the few things her ex was good at. I had to agree with her, the shit was damn good, and I could feel the mellow coming on strong. I lay back on the couch and put an arm around Krysta, and she snuggled in close.

Amanda lit up another and shared it with Rob, the two of them obviously enjoying each other. After a few moments of pleasant silence, Krysta asked about the hot tub. When we were planning the night I told her about the tub and suggested that if they thought they’d want a dip, they should bring their suits. Rob pointed to the guestroom where they would find robes and could change into their suits, and we did the same.
The girls came out of the guestroom wearing the robes and giggling. I had made another batch of drinks, and we headed to the tub. When we got there, Krysta took off her robe, and to my surprise, wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She was simply gorgeous, a toned and firm body with subtle curves begging to be explored. She stepped into the tub, and I saw she had a tiny strip of pubic hair as it dove beneath the surface. Once Krysta was in the tub, Amanda undid her robe and dropped it behind her. She was naked as well, and her massive tits jutted out proudly on her tiny body. They were fantastic, and we didn’t realize we were staring until Krysta said, “Alright guys, you getting in or just going to stare at her tits all night?” On cue, Rob and I dropped our shorts and jumped into the tub.

After a few minutes of soaking, Amanda hopped out to grab another couple of spliffs, and the three of us admired her fine form as she got back in. She lit both of the sticks and passed one to Krysta to share with me. We were pleasantly drunk, a little bit high, and surrounded in the warm waters of the tub. Rob excused himself, telling us he’d be right back. We figured he just had to take a leak, and the girls and I chatted while waiting for him to return. Ten minutes later, Amanda asked where Rob was. I told them that sometimes if he gets too high, he falls asleep. He doesn’t really pass out, but he does go to bed for a quick nap. Since the bud Amanda brought was pretty strong, I guess it must have knocked him out.

We chatted while we waited for Rob to wake up and come back. Amanda brought the conversation back to vinegar strokes, and the three of us practiced making the best – and worst – O-faces.
Amanda slid over beside me, her massive rack creating a wake in the water, and said that instead of pretending, she wanted to see the real thing. As she said it, her hand rubbed my thigh. On my other side, Krysta leaned in and started nuzzling my ear, and her hand trailed down my hairy chest towards my quickly growing cock. I felt first one hand wrap around my erection, and then another cradling my balls. Between the tequila, bud, and warm water of the tub, this was the best experience of my life. Krysta started to slowly stroke my cock, and then we were kissing. My hands were all over her tight body, and then I felt Amanda’s hand under my chin, turning my face towards hers. As our lips collided, she took one of my hands and placed it on her breast, massaging herself with my fingers. I felt her nipple harden against my touch, and I couldn’t believe how firm these monsters were. They bobbed in the water, and I bent down to take a nipple in my mouth.

Krysta stood up, taking me by the other hand, and the three of us got out of the tub and dried each other off. It was a warm night, and the patio was comfortable, but the lounge furniture wasn’t big enough to accommodate the three of us. I led the ladies to the spare room, and we giggled as we heard Rob’s snores escaping his bedroom.
The two ladies lay on the bed, Amanda’s fingers teasing the fine hair above Krysta’s pussy, and then her fingers entered the sexy ginger. Amanda rolled on top of Krysta and wiggling her ass as she pleased her with her tongue. I took that as an invitation and dove face-first into her juicy pussy.

It wasn’t long before the two girls started to moan, and after I felt an orgasmic shudder course through Amanda, I stopped licking and moved behind her while her ass was still in position. I slid into her, feeling her wetness wrap around my throbbing cock. I started rocking my hips, and soon we had a delicious rhythm going. Krysta was still under Amanda, enjoying the glow of her recent orgasm, and I could feel Amanda building up to another climax. In another few minutes, she went off again, her juices coating my cock as I kept thrusting. Between the drinks and the bud, I had a decent amount of stamina and thought I’d see if I could get Krysta off one more time before I came.
Amanda rolled onto her back and put her hands behind her head. Krysta moved down on the bed so her ass was just on the edge, and placed her legs on my shoulders to give me amazing access to her hot hole. I watched as my cock slid into her, the little puff of fine red hair glistening with her juices and Amanda’s saliva. I rocked deep into her, feeling every inch of her caress my shaft. I kept at it, but soon it was too much, and I knew I was going to explode. A few moments later, and I emptied my balls into her, causing her to wriggle and scream as she rode her own orgasm.

We lay back and smiled at each other, three sweaty but thoroughly satisfied divorcees. Amanda said, “You’ve got the cutest O-face – but yeah, it looked just like you took a big swig of vinegar.” Krysta grinned and nodded, then said, “Too bad we didn’t get to see Rob’s vinegar strokes.”

Rob cleared his throat as he entered the room, his hard cock in his hand. “Perhaps we can change that,” he said as he walked towards the grinning girls.