Become a Webcam Model in Edmonton

Being a live Webcam model from your home in Edmonton Alberta is a great way to start a career in front of the camera. We will train you, brand you and give you a marketing presence that will make money even while you are off Cam.

Whether you are a student, stay at home parent, a dancer,  tired of working long hours for little pay, or have previous Webcam or modeling experience, we can help with all aspects of this extremely profitable and fun business.

We offer much more than just Webcamming.

Vinegar Strokes is your ticket to money, power, financial freedom and if you choose fame…

You are in control at all times of your career; who sees you, what you do on cam and when you do it. Our aim is to help you achieve whatever goals you wish to achieve.

Models do not have to be famous, you can be a discreet Webcam model and still make a comfortable living. Vinegar Strokes provides training to our models that will enable them to jump ahead, leaving other newcomers behind. It is possible to do it on your own but it takes a lot of time, experience and knowledge to become skilled in this industry. We will have your back every step of the way and get you zero to 100%… real quick.

Vinegar Strokes Live specializes in promoting and monetizing your hard work. We can create and manage your branded website, social media and other types of online sales. With our network of creative professionals, we will create a portfolio of professional pictures and video (non-nude or nude) that will create many opportunities for you. Leave the marketing to our knowledgeable experts to get you noticed by big players to represent their companies’ products or services.

Whether your aim is to make some side cash, turn Cam Modeling into a full-time career or get Famous.  Let’s take the journey together!!